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So many things are happening at McCloud that we have created an entire page of photos for you to enjoy.  Come back often as new photos will be posted here frequently.

McCloud Students Test New Google App

Students at Dr. Leroy McCloud Elementary School in Englewood, NJ tested a new augmented reality (AR) app by Google called Google Expeditions on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.

Google Expeditions is an AR experience instead of virtual reality (VR). Virtual reality transports you somewhere, such as outer space. AR means Google uses its technology to map the physical classroom and places 3-D objects to your location. Students can walk around the objects, zoom into details or zoom out to see the full picture. 

Ms. Evelyn Salazar, sixth grade math teacher, signed up for the Google Expeditions test through their website for the Pioneer program. Ms. Salazar worked very closely with McCloud's principal, Mrs. Carroll Sanchez, to ensure that the day ran smoothly.  Media Specialist, Ms. Delores Dalrymple-Williams, also helped facilitate the program that day and provided literature to support the event. 

The program was made available to all 600 students in fourth through sixth grade.  The students were able to experience five different Forces of Nature: hurricanes, volcanoes, tornadoes, tsunamis, and earthquakes. Students were amazed by the graphics and detail which brought learning to a whole new level. Classroom teachers were able to have discussions with their students and connect this experience to their subject areas.  

Rosemary Seitel, Supervisor of Curriculum & Instruction/Educational Technology, referred to the Google Expeditions visit as an "opportunity for our students to experience how simulations might provoke thinking and further their curiosity and questioning skills."

Students Testing the New Google App

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